The chosen path – part 5

I went home and told this to my mother. She came with me back to school. Teachers all crowded around her, and told her not to do this to me. They offered all help, and if money was the issue, and assured that he won’t need much money, given my score. It is better, if I don’t describe the scene more….

All plans changed right there. My mother was very committed to our education; circumstances had forced to keep aside that, and move to Trichy. I collected the result notification, and went to Christ college – the best men’s college in that area. I told them I wanted first group (it is the science and maths line!). You may wonder why? Third and fourth were for those who had low scores. I was recommended first or second. Second group was primarily for medicine. I can barely stand the sight of blood; so I told mother I don’t want to be a doctor! Bloodless surgery and all that were not even thought about then! So what was left was first group. This meant I could go for engineering or take up BSc with maths, physics, etc as the main line. A BSc carried more weight than a BA or BCom (third and fourth group respectively).

With much doubt, I showed my result to the college office. If I don’t get admission here, the next good college is about 25 km further. They asked me: first or second?! I said first. They gave me a card and asked to come on some date. I asked: is the admission confirmed? They laughed. I was such a dumb-head not to know that one with such high score need not wait for general trend for confirmation.

And then a journey of another two years began, in the pre-degree mode. College life was not in the cards, and it came through… where will it go next?

On admission, I met the principal. Christ college, as the name suggests is a missionary college. Fr Vivian (not very sure) was the principal. As a routine, I met him. He looked at my score, and said “you missed the rank by a few marks in 10th. We must aim for a rank in pre-degree.” I only listened.

Though my sleepy village hardly understood what was going on, the news did reach a few people. I was honoured in a few functions, with some cash awards or a trophy or some nice words. Many also wished that I should bring a rank in pre-degree. I think, all this was a consolation to mother, and perhaps would have compensated partly for the sudden change of plan.

By the way, something amusing happened in this time. Since, we had all decided to leave and move to Trichy, my mother got my head shaved fully. It was in the plan for long, and this looked like a good time. So, I had to attend all the functions etc with a cap, due to the shaven head and felt very embarassed. I had good hair in those days.

College was a different experience, away from the full discipline of schools.


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