TITLE — Technology for Improving Teaching Learning Experience…

I am making some effort to consolidate the various activities in India in the area of e-learning. This is primarily driven by my own interest in using the various technologies to help the quality of education. In March, we organised a symposium on the same topic in collaboration with JDBIMS, SNDT, which saw about a hundred teachers and practioners join. T4E conference series has been active for a few years. There are active research groups in various aspects of TLP around the country. I am opening a new blog on this topic, where we can discuss this in detail. But for now, here are some titbits which may be of interest.

1. Along with a few likeminded people volunteering to chip in some time and energy, we have started a news letter, named TITLE, which will come out, primarily in electronic form, every month. If you are interested in receiving a sample copy or regularly, drop me a mail or comment on this post. The first issue has been released a few days back.

2. A proposal is pending with CSI — computer society of India — for forming a special interest group in this area. It may happen formally soon. We look forward to your support and enthusiasm in organising events, compiling resources, etc under this umbrella.

– Sasi


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