The Journey of Life…

 The road ahead seems never to end;

Out of the blue, comes another bend;

Lovely and smooth on many a part;

At times we are like on a bullock cart;


The journey of life is same indeed;

Potholes on the road – sorrows they seed;

On stretches uphill, it is a heavy load;

On the way down, with joy we nod;


Lovely blooms, meadows and hills;

Just like friends, they bring up thrills;

Narrow stretches, so much flawed;

Testing patience and faith in God;


Sharp bends ring a warning bell;

We may yet know, the route so well;

Moments bringing death so close;

On and on still the journey goes;


The journey of life no different to-day;

Always alert good drivers would stay;



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2 Responses to “The Journey of Life…”

  1. parimal Says:

    hummm… very true….

  2. ekaisegaganketale Says:

    Love this!!!

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