The little sasi and the big world….

When I introduce my personal e-mail id as thelittlesasi, people are generally curious. Why this name was chosen? I thought, I will philosophise a bit about this, and make a blog.

Of course, Sasi is too small in this huge big world, that he can only be a little sasi. So it is natural for me to make that explicit in the world wide web presence, as advised by webanandaswamigal sometime back. With IPV6 coming in place of IPV4, you are becoming even more insignificant. With ubiquitous/pervasive/etc computing coming in, we will all become just a URL — going beyond the “what an idea sirji” which recommended giving a cell number for everyone, instead of the name. And the richer ones will have multiple URLs just as they go for multiple cars and houses today. So, the littlesasi encodes this mantra of change, and sends a message of awakening to the world.

Second point is a famous poet in Malayalam, called kunjunni (a name often used for short people). He was short, and often wears just a mundu — like Gandhi, but perhaps for different reasons. He was a teacher in school. He is known for his little poems — 2-10 lines — often capturing important philosophies and sarcarsm nicely. For a sample, here is something. There was a couplet from an earlier poet which goes like this:

in this bad fake world, having a sincere heart is my failure.

Kunjunni wrote:

in this bad fake world, others finding out my cheating is my failure.

In Malayalam, it rhymes very well; my translation is not that accurate. But, I guess, you get the spirit.

He once wrote, in an self-referencing way:

I am a little man (he was very short)
I have only a little to say
For that, I need only a little words.

These lines connect well with the insignificance of each of us in the universe, and the need for brevity (among other things). And when I think of my id, these lines come to mind. So, I happily relate this to my id.

But, the truth has very little to do with all these. Long back I tried to create account – not sure, which service, rediff/yahoo/etc. Sensible names like sasi, sasikumar, etc were simply not available. They all came up with suggestions like sasi13456 and the like – not likely, I will remember them. I will need to try from sasi0000 onwards systematically, when I want to log in. So, I was not interested. Then I tried ‘thelittlesasi’ and it said available. Since then, it has become my web presence. Rediff, Yahoo, google, orkut, facebook, blogspot, livejournal, wordpress, and so on. So far, at all these places, I never had a problem getting this id allotted. And it is generally raises a smile in almost everyone; so it serves a social purpose as well.

What say?


5 Responses to “The little sasi and the big world….”

  1. selva Says:

    There is still a child lurking in you. Reminds me of Peter Pan, the boy who never wanted to grow-up.

  2. Pallavi Says:

    You are anything, but little ! But the id works just fine πŸ™‚

  3. rina Says:

    reading this post also made me smile at the end like your id πŸ™‚

  4. Sangeeta Says:

    Agree 100% ;esp. the last line.

  5. Srivaramangai Says:

    The first element of greatness is fundamental humbleness and that’s what seen in you

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