Looking back….

Today posted my status message on google as “It is always good to look back at the way you came, in good times and bad times”. Someone replied on e-mail: today’s generation thinks looking back is bad, “never look back” they say. A little thought resolves the apparent contradiction….

My looking back is reflective and inspiring – about how things can change with short notice, how you were so alone once upon a time, or how you were so full of friends once upon a time, how you were enjoying life, or how you were so sad, etc in comparison with what you have. It tells you be humble and modest (nothing stays the same for long), tells you to believe in a force beyond you (so dont blame/credit yourself for everything), and so on.

The unhealthy look back is wasting time over spilled milk, and looking at it for long even after the milk has disappeared. This wastes time and energy. Failures, set backs, embarassments, good moments, lucky times, all happen in life – whatever they are, after a while, we need to move on.


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