We are contributing to FOSS….

My team at CDAC Mumbai, Kharghar centre has been working on open source for a while. Recently, we have started putting a lot of things back into the community, including some fresh products. Here is a sample:

  1. OMR extension to Moodle – enabling you to conduct an examination using OMR sheets, and do result processing and other activities with Moodle. An extension available from Moodle plugins page.
  2. Anumaan – a word to word prediction engine, aimed at disabled prediction to reduce keyboard time. Got good performance figures with empirical evaluation (simulated). It is available on sourceforge (anumaan.sourceforge.net)
  3. DES – a system for management of descriptive examinations as is usually done in universities. You can build complex question papers, enable students to answer the paper online, and support teachers in evaluation. No automatic evaluation – we are working on it!
  4. Indian language processing. Xlit a transliteration support system is available as extension to openoffice. It can intelligently convert words between English and select Indian languages. There is also a simple phonetic mapper across languages. We have a prototype system of a configurable onscreen keyboard — now available on sourceforge. You can build your own layout of keys on this keyboard, and also add your own languages.
  5. Orca – we have been working on a lot of extensions, and some patches have been submitted.

Your feedback and suggestions are welcome….


2 Responses to “We are contributing to FOSS….”

  1. Archana Rane-Sharma Says:

    For the benefit of those who would like to try out these systems:
    OMR extension to Moodle -> http://bit.ly/aFyfQh
    Anumaan – http://anumaan.sourceforge.net/
    DES – http://onlinedes.sourceforge.net/
    Xlit –
    ORCA Enhancement – http://bit.ly/bqlJwE [bgo#616820 is contributed by us]

    Archana Rane-Sharma
    C-DAC Mumbai

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Is XLit open sourced? Link please.

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