Meeting old students…

In a seminar on cloud computing yesterday, I had given a talk on Hadoop and the Mapreduce model of problem solving. After mine, was a talk by Redhat. Andy Karandikar, heading marketing in India was the speaker, and was speaking about the Redhat brand, their sucess stories in open source and virtualisation offering. He started his talk acknowledging my stage setting — since I introduced the notion and passion of open source and did refer to Redhat (not knowing him or that he is from Redhat). And then he said, “I am a student of NCST’s CCST/PGDST”. These are courses that became a brand of its own over many years; and now dead due to various reasons, including bad management. I was closely associated with these courses for over a decade, contributing to design, implementation, coordination and some teaching.

It was nice to hear that remark of someone proudly acknowledging the course after almsot 2 decades. And at a time, when internally, there are many who feel the course is not good. What do we know, mere mortals?


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