Grand Challenges in Engineering…

A nice compilation available online that lists a consolidated list of grand challenges. An inspiring read to see a range of problems – some of which we know a bit about, and the way human mind is thinking of solutions. All are still open problems – we want young and old minds to work on these on priority. Here is a topic list of the problems.

  1. make solar energy economical
  2. provide energy from fusion
  3. develop carbon sequestration methods
  4. manage the nitrogen cycle
  5. provide clean drinking water
  6. restore and improve urban infrastructure
  7. advance health informatics
  8. engineer better medicines
  9. reverse engineer the brain
  10. prevent nuclear terror
  11. secure cyberspace
  12. enhance virtual reality
  13. advance personalised learning
  14. engineer the tools of scientific discovery

The report, though brief, provides amazing insight, throws up really practical challenges, and briefly touches on current state and approaches. Check here for more details and the report:


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